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Technical Reviewer (Volunteer)

March 7, 2009

In addition to sharing original content on TechnologyProfessional.Org, we help our readers by providing reviews of outstanding articles on other Web sites as well as reviews of meetings, conferences, and other events.  If you enjoy exploring the Web, regularly attend technology conferences, and are a good communicator, we would love to hear from you.  

How do you get started?

1) Read through our website to get a sense for the current content, our values, our style, and an idea for how you might fit in.

2) Join our LinkedIn group TechnologyProfessional.Org – it is another convenient channel to keep in touch.

3) Send an email to jobs@technologyprofessional.org with a summary of the topics you would like to cover, the types of websites or events you regularly visit, and a summary of your professional experience.  

We will get back to you with feedback on whether there is a fit between your interests and our current needs.  If there is a fit, we will work with you on the specifics of sending your reviews to the editor!

What is in it for you?  By establishing yourself as a technology expert and an excellent judge of what is important, you will build a presence that may open doors in your career.  You will get the benefit of our advertising, search engine optimization, and traffic, which give you greater exposure than you could achieve on your own.  


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